We have made further progress in Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) matters during the year including a significant step up in our focus of our impact on the environment with commitments to reducing our carbon emissions and are working towards establishing science based targets for the Group.

The Group’s approach to ESG is aligned to three key pillars: reducing our environmental impact; helping our local communities and charities; and supporting our people. Across our business each of the pillars are at the heart of what matters to our people. Outside of our structured environmental programme, each country adopts these in their own unique way to ensure that they matter to their teams and build strong local engagement with the programme.

Our Three Pillars

  • Charity & our communities

    We will use our platform and resources to bring benefits to society through the support of charities chosen by our peoples.


    In 2021 the pandemic continued to restrict our lives and the opportunities to spend time together, but we were able to adapt our “generosity amplified” approach, working in local communities where possible and bringing staff together virtually to raise vital funds for causes that matter to them and deliver on our targets for the year.

    With a long track record of teams around the world supporting local charities, our ethical values and inclusive culture continued to be strongly represented by our employees, with a keen enthusiasm to help find ways to make a difference.

    the Company supported their reseller customers through sponsorship of their charitable events and by donating audio visual products for charity auctions and for use in community centres. For example, in the UK, Sound Technology provided technology to a local school and musical equipment as raffle prizes to support a community college.

    In 2022, Midwich UK will launch the “The Gift of AV” initiative, giving back on several levels from providing all staff with the opportunity to spend a working day volunteering in their community, to donating through payroll giving to one of three selected charities that staff have voted for.

    Our pledge

    Charity and community initiatives across the Midwich Group in 2022 will not only be aligned to fund raising but intrinsically
    linked to the focus the Group has on wellbeing and health. We will continue to contribute to our local society, donating
    hours by volunteering and playing an active part in our communities. Giving back to the community is something that we
    enjoy doing across the Group.

    Midwich UK&I employees taking part in the one million charity steps for MIND

  • The environment

    We are committed to reducing negative environmental impact directly and indirectly across our supply chain.


    We care about the environment and in 2021 we formalised our activities under our new carbon reduction programme. In addition to our new programme, we have continued to act to reduce our environmental impact in 2021. Examples during the year include a sustainable approach to our new office and experience centre in Hamburg, Germany and a further shift to low emission vehicles in
    our UK fleet. We set three specific targets to reduce our environmental impact in the year and are pleased to report that we met these targets.

    We committed to creating internal teams to champion being more environmentally conscious. In 2021, under the direction of a qualified sustainability expert, we established an internal team to develop and support our plans to reduce our CO2 emissions.
    This team is supported by Climate Partner GmbH, a specialist carbon reduction consultant.

    We also committed to reducing our UK SECR intensity ratio in the year and increasing our percentage of low emission vehicles in the UK fleet. We achieved both targets with a 10% decline in our intensity ratio and an increase in the proportion of low emission vehicles1 to 27% (2020: 8%). In addition, the Group companies continue to champion the following initiatives: encouraging employees to come to work by cycle, eliminating single-use plastics, engaging with renewable energy suppliers, using LED
    lights in our offices, using recycled paper products and moving to electric vehicles where it is viable to do so.

    We continue to support many initiatives across the Group designed to be embedded in our culture and change our mentality to ‘sustainability for the future’.

    Our pledge

    To complete our baseline carbon audit and report on our carbon reduction programme. Our commitment is to focus on
    positive impacts on the environment and to reduce the negative impacts. To underpin these reports and deliver the actions
    and outcomes we will work with each of our businesses across the world to focus on environmental topics and champion

  • Our people

    We are committed to programmes and initiatives that support our people, balancing the delivery of success with the whole person approach.


    The Midwich Group continues to support our team members’ development and employee welfare. We recognise it’s important that we deliver a positive impact on their lives, whatever stage they are at, because business is personal.

    With the pandemic still prevalent around the world, we supported our leaders to adopt a local approach backed by a group-wide message that the welfare of our people is first and foremost. Our people are dedicated to our business and we are committed to
    taking care of them, offering support through a comprehensive wellbeing approach. This includes flexible benefits and a broad range of other activities such as training of mental health first aiders and flexible and hybrid working.

    The pandemic has changed our people’s priorities and expectations and our enhanced support has been welcomed. Learning from what has worked well has enabled us to build a workplace culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and do what works best for them and for society.

    Ultimately, our staff’s wellbeing and happiness is extremely important to us and we believe that, as a result, we offer the best possible service to our customers and partners. The nature of our business as a value adding distributor, means that our people are central to our strategy and maintaining our competitive advantage.

    Our pledge

    In the year ahead we will focus on supporting the health and wellbeing of our people and we are looking forward to welcoming our teams back to our offices around the world.

    Recognition for their long service

    Mark Lowe, UK&I Managing Director, receiving the 'Outstanding Achievement Award' on behalf of the team

    7 years 8 months

    average length of service per employee


    3,590 combined years of service

    (UK&I employee data as of December 2021)