We continue to take our commitment to Environmental and Social Governance seriously across the Group and in 2020 we further progressed the work that we started in 2018. The Group’s approach to ESG is aligned to four key pillars: our local communities; supporting charities close to our hearts; reducing our environmental impact and supporting our people.

These focus areas continue to be relevant and are at the heart of what matters to our people. Each country adopts these in their own unique way to ensure that they matter to their teams and build strong local engagement with the programme.

Our Four Pillars

  • The community

    Our ‘generosity amplified’ approach continues


    During 2020 we continued to play our part in our local communities. In this COVID-19 year, community spirit was more prevalent than ever with our teams seeking to provide extra support for key workers and their communities during lockdowns across the world.

    Our track record for supporting local communities across the Group ensures that our reach is worldwide. COVID-19 did not stop our teams’ desires to do good and demonstrated that the offer of time can be so valuable to many small and individual community ventures.

    In recognition of this, we continued to support and provide time off for our people to regularly engage in volunteering for their chosen causes or giving back to the community.

    In 2020, The team based at our head office won the Outstanding Achievement award from the local business community which looked at the company’s 41-year history, as well as the positive impacts our employees have generated and will continue to deliver into the future.

    Our pledge

    Throughout 2021, we will once again continue to support local worthwhile community projects, as well as supporting our people to give up their time to volunteer for local causes that matter to them.

    Volunteer support, 'The People's Picnic'

  • Charity support

    We will use our platform and resources to bring benefits to society through the support of charities chosen by our peoples.


    We continue to support an array of local, national and international charities across the Group. Although it has been tough with COVID-19 preventing the usual fund raisers, the teams have been creative to ensure that our charities continue to be supported.

    With a long track record of teams around the world supporting local charities, the pandemic certainly presented obstacles to the traditional ways of fundraising. However, many employees have been innovative in overcoming this and not let COVID-19 get in the way of their, and our, desire to do good.

    Throughout 2020, our ethical values and inclusive culture were strongly represented by our employees, with a keen enthusiasm to help find alternative ways to make a difference throughout the pandemic.

    Our pledge

    In 2021, we will once again continue to support charities chosen by the committees at each of our businesses, as well as support our people through being flexible to allow fund-raising activities to take place.

    Midwich UK&I employees taking part in the one million steps

  • The environment

    We are committed to reducing negative environmental impact directly and indirectly across our supply chain.


    We care about the environment and in 2020 we took our first step to formalising our approach by commissioning our first sustainability analysis, carried out at Kern and Stelly based in Hamburg, Germany. The goal was to identify environmental improvements that could be implemented, build them into our culture and roll out Group wide.

    We are committed to reducing negative environmental impact directly and indirectly across our supply chain.

    As a distributor of technology, we understand it is often purchased as an upgrade and to replace old technology. Our responsibility here is to comply with the WEEE regulations and register all electronic products we sell and pay for them to be discharged correctly.

    We also work with our partner brands to support their corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. We are integral to their ‘go to market’ strategy and wherever possible we will help them to improve the world for us all.

    We have included Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (“SECR”) in the 2020 Annual Report for Midwich Limited for the first time and a number of our companies have conducted a CO2 footprint calculation, as we are keen to understand the effect of our businesses and how we can offset our carbon emissions and continue to make a concerted effort to reduce our environmental impact.

    We continue to support many initiatives across the Group designed to be embedded in our culture and change our mentality to ‘sustainability for the future’.

    Our pledge

    To increase the number of sustainability audits, to analyse where improvements can be made, and to set targets for lower waste by company. Our commitment is to focus on positive impacts on the environment and to reduce the negative impacts. To underpin these reports and deliver the actions and outcomes we will establish teams within each of our businesses across the world to focus on the green topics and champion change.

  • Our people

    We are committed to programmes and initiatives that support our people, balancing the delivery of success with the whole person approach.


    The Midwich Group continues to take its social responsibilities seriously and look after and develop our employees. Not only supporting their professional development but their personal welfare too, through providing additional external resources for mental health and wellbeing over and above what would be expected.

    We have focussed on ensuring everyone is supported and engaged; putting wellbeing at the forefront of our response to the pandemic that changed everyone’s lives.

    The pandemic and lockdowns around the world forced many of us to work remotely so staying connected was more important than ever before. The HR team developed a digital portal to help our people to easily find information when they wanted it and launched a new Learning and Development portal which proved an excellent asset.

    During 2020, we continued with our mental health first aiders and our assistance programmes to support people, in an anonymous way, if they struggle with personal problems, such as finance, family, advice for work, providing them with an option to reach out.

    Ultimately, our staff’s wellbeing and happiness is extremely important to us and we believe that, as a result, we offer the best possible service to our customers and partners. The nature of our business as a value adding distributor, means that our people are central to our strategy and maintaining our competitive advantage.

    Our pledge

    In the year ahead we will focus on supporting the health and wellbeing of our people. Recognising that COVID-19 has affected everyone differently we will support our teams as they return to work in our offices.

    Recognition for their long service

    Mark Lowe, UK&I Managing Director, receiving the 'Outstanding Achievement Award' on behalf of the team

    7 years 5 months

    Average length of service per employee

    2,258 years

    combined years of service

    (UK&I employee data as of December 2020)