Last updated on 22 April 2024

A description of our business can be found here
The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers

Country of incorporation and operations
Country of incorporation: England and Wales
Company registration number: 08793266
Main country of operation: United Kingdom

Registered address
Midwich Group plc, Vinces Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4YT

The names of directors and biographical details
Names and biographies of the Group’s directors can be found here

Responsibilities of the members of the Board
A description of the responsibilities of each Board member and the committees they sit on can be found here

Number of shares in issue
The number of shares in issue is 104,245,126. Investors should consult the major shareholders section of the website for details of any shares held as treasury shares, the percentage of shares not in public hands, and the identity and percentage holding of major shareholders 

Restrictions on the transfer of shares 
There are no restrictions on the transfer of our shares 

Details of any other exchanges and trading platforms
The securities of the Company are traded on the AIM Market operated by the London Stock Exchange plc. The Group’s shares have not been admitted, nor have any applications been made, for any of its shares to be admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platform 

Constitutional documents
Admission Document, Articles of Association

Annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports 
Any annual, half yearly and quarterly report sent to shareholders within the past 12 months can be found here

All notifications made by the Group in the last 12 months 
All notifications the Company has made in the past 12 months can be found here

Adviser information
All adviser information can be found here

Corporate governance
The Board believes in a strong governance culture and recognises the need to adopt and comply with a recognised corporate governance code. The Board has adopted the updated Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) corporate governance code for Midwich plc. The most recent statement of QCA code compliance is available here


This information is being disclosed for the purposes of AIM Rule 26.