Italian-German Chamber of Commerce

The new hub for live-streaming and video conferencing.

At the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, situated within Italy’s dynamic economic centre in Milan, has had a small 12sqm meeting room converted into a live streaming hub with the characteristics of a small television broadcast studio, and a user experience that doesn't require the assistance of a director.


Italian-German Chamber of Commerce created by Tecnosound

The result is an audio-visual solution for virtual events where external speakers can take part. The technology allows audience participation (listening only or active), whilst also ensuring crystal clear communication to all participants in the videoconference.

Let's go into the details of the implemented audio-visual solution.

“We were asked to create a user-friendly video conferencing solution compatible with the main soft-codecs [Zoom, Teams, etc] and streaming channels, especially YouTube. We therefore opted for an extremely flexible multi-purpose solution that would respond both to the needs of a simple interview and of an important event whose participants collaborate remotely and from different rooms of the headquarters." commented Sonny Laurano, Tecnosound's Install Solutions division sales manager .

The Arec media station, combined with CI-21H PTZ network cameras , is the fulcrum of the system, fully replacing a technical control room . The LS-3000 allows the recording and streaming of three individual video sources in Full HD and can also be controlled via smartphone, graphic interface, web page. The extreme ease of use is realised in the Online Director page, which as the name suggests, allows you to manage streaming and cross-recording between various sources and different end-points with a touch.


Counting on one of the best performing network infrastructures in Italy, Tecnosound proposed a virtual extension of the streaming hub thanks to Biamp Modena Hub . The presentation system makes it possible to connect and collaborate with the event via wireless from all the rooms of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce. All participants can send their presentation or documents directly from their device, through a platform customised with the logo and colours of the institution.

Italian-German Chamber of Commerce - live streaming hub created by Tecnosound

The streaming room also counts on a Biamp Devio microphone which, thanks to the patented beamforming technology , allows a timely recording of the voice of the participants regardless of how they move around the room.

The set-up is completed by a 43 "LG Full HD display and a Shure SLX-D radio-microphone system , which thanks to its solid RF performance ensures smooth and smooth transmission even in an extremely congested wireless environment such as the center of Milan.

Display, Devio microphone and Modena Hub have been set up on a mobile structure to be moved to a different room if necessary. Once connected to the mains, it can be used immediately without the need for any settings.

“The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce today counts on a professional audio-video streaming hub, which allows it to carry out numerous cross-national events in any context. We are satisfied with the result achieved which combines quality and ease of use. " Sonny Laurano concluded