Sidev AV Tour de France

Roadshow 2020 - Together and Connected

Events during a pandemic have looked very different, but customers are adapting their businesses. Sidev AV are providing them with support to understand and test AV solutions to help them adapt.

Sidev once again had an AV Tour de France during September 2020 based around the themes of Corporate, Collaborative and Unified Communications. The tour visited Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse and Aix en Provence.

These events have enabled a few hundred customers to discover and test the latest audiovisual solutions, share time face-to-face with the specialist Sidev teams to ask any questions, as well as speak directly with the brand suppliers who took part in the event.

Feedback on the event was "Best Roadshow Ever!" 

Customers and vendors alike were so happy to attend the only AV event in France since lockdown, and have the chance to understand the Unified Communication products that are so critical in this COVID-19 situation. Vendors commented that a number of customers they had not seen before managed to attend the event, which underpinned Sidev’s leading position in the market, along with the ability to organise and communicate the Roadshow under such conditions. 

The roadshow has put Sidev in the best position to generate leads now and in the near future when projects will once again be able to be deployed. 

Note: COVID-19 Security first !
All the attendees had to wear masks, use hand sanitiser gel and had to declare their health situation at the entrance. They had to book a timed session, to help restrict the number of people attending at the same time. These specific conditions, in conjunction with the French legislation allowed Sidev to organise the event and ensure the highest level of health and safety security.