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Workplace Management Made Easy

Pre-pandemic businesses often managed workspaces with a seating plan, with perhaps a handful of spare desks for hot-desking visitors. However, since staff were sent home in March 2020, the office and workplace have changed in many ways. Some businesses chose to downsize, others chose to renovate their real estate and offer more than just a row of desks - installing break-out rooms, or more social areas, with few offices remaining the same.

The recent adoption of hybrid working has heightened the challenge of managing workspaces for many businesses, with more workspaces to manage than ever before, spread across more locations. A workspace is often a general name for anywhere an employee may work, whether this is a regular desktop station or hot desk, meeting room or huddle space. Businesses are increasingly having to manage the availability of these spaces.

Many companies are now offering a "work from anywhere" approach to their staff, but this means that if an employee decides to come into the office there will be an appropriate workstation available for them. Some businesses are also managing other areas of work too, such as carpark spaces and office equipment, giving staff peace of mind that they have reserved what they need to enable them to work.

Midwich has recently launched Mi Workspace, an addition to the Mi Services offering. This new addition allows businesses to manage company workspaces with ease. Booking and management is done in seconds with the easy-to-use application, Book powered by UMA. Mi Workspace Book, allows a company to book and manage workspaces through a web interface, chatbot or mobile application. The Mi Workspace application also enables voice booking.

Mi Workspace is easily integrated into any workplace calendar and designed to provide a quick and simple way to book and manage workplace resources. It also uses data to provide actionable insights to help manage and adapt, this allows operations managers to make informed decisions about the workplace.

This addition to the Mi Services portfolio complements the current added value offering of Mi Support, Mi Hardware as a Service and Mi Insight. For more information and to book a virtual demo, please visit the Mi Global Service webpage or use any of the contacts below: